(*Indicates I also developed & sold the idea)

*Lemn Sissay's Social Enterprise

4x30' stand-up/poetry series about charity, philanthropy and social enterprise, hosted by the award-winning poet, actor, playwright and broadcaster Lemn Sissay. (Radio 4, Christmas 2019)

*Susan Calman: Makes Me Happy

Susan Calman presents a stand-up show in which she explains what makes her happy, and invites the audience to try it. (Radio 4, Autumn 2019)

*Paul Sinha's General Knowledge

Paul Sinha returns to Radio 4 to improve the general knowledge of the audience in a fact-packed stand-up show. (Radio 4, August 2019)

*Beta Female

Sitcom pilot written by Amna Saleem. (Radio 4, August 2019)

Live At Eleven

Live topical comedy pilot, hosted by Toby Foster, with Lou Conran, Gareth Gwynn, Rahul Kholi & Jennifer Williams (Radio 4, May 2019)

*John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme (Series 1-8, Edinburgh Special)

Eight series (first series 4x30’; others 6x30’) plus Edinburgh Special of multi-award-winning audience sketch show written by and starring John Finnemore. (Radio 4, 2011-2019)

"One of the most consistently funny sketch shows for quite some time." - The Guardian

"John Finnemore is one of our best sketch writers." - The Observer

"One of the funniest and most inventive new radio comedy shows of recent years." - The Daily Mail

"He has a brilliant gift for logic, exploring a situation (or even a word) through its due stages to the ultimate joke at its end. There are songs, too, and a great supporting cast of Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Simon Kane, Lawry Lewin and Carrie Quinlan." - The Daily Telegraph

*Hugo Rifkind's Search For Power

3x30' stand-up/journalism show in which Hugo Rifkind explores who actually has power in modern Britain, and the myriad reasons they think they don't. (Radio 4, May 2019)

Inside The Comedian (Series 2-4)

I edited the second and third series of David Reed’s spoof interview podcast, and produced the fourth series. Listen on iTunes or Acast.

*Any Stupid Questions (Series 1-3)

I co-devised and produce this independent podcast hosted by Danielle Ward, in which comedians ask actual experts the questions we ought to know the answers to by now. Listen on iTunes or Acast.

*The Temp

6x30’ sitcom by Steve Nelson, starring Marek Larwood as a Warren, a hapless man desperate to turn his temp positions into full-time jobs, no matter how weird the jobs turn out… (Audible Originals, 2019)

*Empirical Evidence

2x30' stand-up show. Andy Zaltzman and his Bugle co-host Anuvab Pal bicker about the legacy of the British Empire in the streets and onstage in London and Kolkata. (Radio 4, 2018)

“As you might expect for comedy about a part of history that includes extreme violence and corruption, there's a definite edge to many of the jokes here, but it's surprisingly successful as both a piece of entertainment and a genuinely illuminating glimpse of history - largely thanks to the great comic chemistry between our presenting pair.” - The Telegraph

“I was intrigued by Andy Zaltzman and Anuvab Pal’s ambition and then surprised to find myself chuckling at their chutzpah in taking on both the establishment and post-colonialism.” - The Spectator

“In this interesting programme Pal and Zaltzman look at the history and legacy of the British Empire — and get some good gags in too.” - The Times

BBC Ouch! Storytelling Live

I script-edit/directed a group of new writer/performers who talked about their mental and physical disabilities for a Valentine's-themed show in March 2017, and Edinburgh shows in August 2017 and 2018. I also edited their performances into podcasts for release on the BBC Ouch! podcast feed, and an edition for BBC Radio 5Live. (BBC News, 2017-2018)

Bob Jones

Sitcom pilot written by Chris Corcoran, starring Robert Pugh, Steve Spiers and Gareth Pierce as patients on a South Wales hospital ward. (Freedive Productions for BBC Radio Wales, 2018)


Two series (both 13x10') of facts and jokes about the natural world, narrated by Sue Perkins. Written by Gareth Gwynn, Jon Hunter and Gabby Hutchinson-Crouch, with sketches performed by Margaret Cabourn-Smith. (Audible Originals, 2017-2018)

“An insight into the world of plants, delivered with her trademark humour and quirkiness that’ll make this podcast one the whole family can listen to together.” - The Guardian


6x30' sitcom by David Peet, starring Ruth Jones as a single mother in a south-eastern district of Cardiff. (Tidy productions for BBC Radio Wales, 2018)

Urnbelievable - The Ashes Podcast

Podcast covering the 2017/18 Ashes series, presented by Andy Zaltzman and Felicity Ward, with guests including Jim Maxwell, Mel Farrell, Jarrod Kimber and Mark Steel. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2017-2018)

*Welcome To Wherever You Are (Pilot, Series 1) 

Broadcast pilot and 4x30' series of an international stand-up show where the host (Andrew Maxwell) is in London, and the acts perform from around the world, including Jakarta and St Petersburg. (Radio 4, 2016-2017)

The Tony Law Tapes

I edited these interviews of the world’s leading time-traveller, Tony Law, conducted in front of an audience by John-Luke Roberts, into a podcast series. Listen on iTunes or Acast.

*Paul Sinha’s History Revision (Series 1-3)

Three 4x30’ stand-up series about historical events written by and starring Paul Sinha. (Radio 4, 2014-2017)

“Impassioned, funny and well-informed” - The Daily Mail

The Missing Hancocks (Series 1-3)

Three 5x30’ series of recreations of episodes of Hancock’s Half Hour of which there are no surviving recordings. Starring Kevin McNally as the Lad 'imself, with the theme tune re-recorded by the BBC Concert Orchestra. (Radio 4, 2014-2017)

"Galton and Simpson's genre-defining sitcom, Hancock's Half Hour, makes a marvellous, phoenix-like return to Radio 4 this morning, with Kevin McNally marshalling a pitch-perfect Tony Hancock impersonation in the lead" - The Daily Telegraph

"Kevin McNally and the cast make a great job of another recently discovered original Hancock script." - The Daily Mail

*A Beginner’s Guide To India

2x30’ stand-up series by Indian comedian Aditi Mittal, explaining how Indian history and culture feels from the perspective of Indians. (Radio 4, 2016)

"Mittal is, in fact, laugh-out-loud-as-you-listen-in-your-kitchen funny. Like so much of the best radio comedy, it reverses the principles of the Ig Nobels: first it makes you think, then it makes you laugh:" - The Daily Telegraph

Top Ten: Jamali Maddix

I co-produced this short video by Jamali Maddix (dir. Tom George) adapted from his stand-up - the Top Ten Things That Happen When You're The Only Non-White Person In The Room. (BBC Three, 2015)

*Lemn Sissay’s Origin Stories

4x30’ stand-up/poetry series that uses famous fictional orphans – such as Harry Potter, Superman and Darth Vader – to look at adoption and foster care. (Radio 4, 2016)

*What Makes The World Laugh?

1x60’ stand-up showcase of the best international acts at the Edinburgh Fringe, including Edinburgh Comedy Award nominees Michelle Wolf and Zoe Coombs Marr. (BBC World Service, 2016)

*A Normal Family

1x30’ stand-up/poetry show in which Henry Normal reflects on his late father and his own son. (Radio 4, 2016)

"It's a rare and lovely thing: half an hour of radio that stops you short, gently demands your attention and then wipes your tears away while you have to have a little sit down." - The Guardian

The Show What You Wrote (Series 3)

6x30’ of the open-door sketch show starring Jason Manford, Gavin Webster, Jon Thomson, Shobna Gulati and Fiona Clarke. (Radio 4, 2015)

"Far from tumbleweed blowing through the studio, the majority of the skits are mighty funny ... superb observational comedy" - The Radio Times

The BBC New Comedy Awards 2015

1x30’ feature on the 2015 New Comedy Awards presented by Marcus Brigstocke, featuring Jon Richardson. (Radio 4, 2015)

Barry Cryer At 80

1x30’ gig to celebrate Barry Cryer’s 80th birthday, featuring Count Arthur Strong, Michael Palin and Dame Judi Dench. (Radio 4, 2015)

 *A Beginner’s Guide To Pakistan

2x30’ stand-up series by Pakistani comedian Sami Shah, explaining the realities of his home country to an audience in Birmingham. (Radio 4, September 2015)

"Stylishly cynical, brutally newsy, bitingly funny, this is political stand-up done with gusto." - The Daily Telegraph

*Lemn Sissay’s Homecoming

Poet Lemn Sissay explores the idea of ‘home’ through 2x30’ of poetry, stand-up, and conversation. Recorded in London and Addis Ababa. (Radio 4, May 2015)

"What a thing to hear in Radio 4’s 6.30pm slot. Not the polite laughter that accompanies a well-crafted comedy script, but the sound of genuine happiness; also regret, anger, wonder, bursting from the radio with the unexpected exuberance of a child dancing at a chamber concert." - The Observer

"This was truly innovative radio, fusing Sissay's comedy act as a performance poet with conversations and multiple storytelling, underpinned by music to take us out of England and straight to Addis." - The Spectator

*Dilemma (Series 1-4, Edinburgh Special)

Four 6x30’ series, plus an Edinburgh Special of audience panel show with guests including Sarah Millican, Al Murray, Dame Anne Leslie and Ricky Wilson. Presented by Sue Perkins. (Radio 4, 2011-2015)

"A non-irritating, hilarious panel show" - Eddie Mair, The Radio Times.

"Sue Perkins is the perfect host for this canny combination of real moral dilemmas and sharp, unscripted responses to the problems laid before the panel of guests." - The Radio Times

The Dog Ate My Homework

I co-devised this children's panel show, which has now run for four series. (CBBC, 2014-2016)

*The Sinha Carta

One-off stand up show commissioned as part of a season celebrating 800 years of Magna Carta. (Radio 4, 2015)

"Funny and thoughtful." - The Daily Telegraph

*The Frequency of Laughter

6x30’ social history of Radio Comedy, presented by Grace Dent, with guests including Angus Deayton and Meera Syal. (Radio 4, 2014)

"Her questions are insightful, and she creates a relaxed, slightly naughty atmosphere that brings out the best in her interviewees." - The Observer

*Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully (Pilot, Series 1-2)

Broadcast pilot and two series (4x30', 6x30') of audience sitcom about an alien invasion of a small English village. Written by Eddie Robson, and starring Hattie Morahan, Charles Edwards & Peter Davison. (Radio 2, 2012-2014)

"The sitcom success story of 2012" - The Radio Times

"A reader pointed out interesting echoes of the work of sci-fi master John Wyndham. But this is a comedy, a good one by Eddie Robson, with a splendid cast including Julian Rhind-Tutt and Peter Davison" - The Daily Telegraph

Mark Steel’s In Town (Series 5)

6x30’ stand-up series about unheralded parts of Britain, written and performed by Mark Steel. (Radio 4, 2014)

"A gentle masterclass in how to take the piss in a very British way: indiscriminately, with no malice, tempering every sideswipe with a self-deprecating riff." - The Guardian

"He took some good natured abuse for visiting Heck's cider farm in Street, instead of Wilkins at Mudgley" - The Central Somerset Gazette

Andrew Maxwell’s Public Enemies

4x30’ stand-up series challenging public perceptions of vilified groups, written and performed by Andrew Maxwell. (Radio 4, 2013)

"More insight than you’ll find in several box sets of Have I Got News For You … Maxwell gets on with what he does best: jousting with his crowd and trying to make us glimpse his particular worldview." - The List

*Paul Sinha’s Citizenship Test

4x30’ stand-up series about Britishness, written by and starring Paul Sinha. (Radio 4, 2013)

*Little Monster

1x30’ non-audience sitcom starring Sarah Hadland, Rufus Jones, Cariad Lloyd and Geraldine James. Written by Gerard Foster. (Radio 4, 2013)

Newsjack (Series 6-8)

Three 6x30’ series of the topical sketch show with an open-door policy, receiving over 3000 submissions per series. (Radio 4 Extra, 2012-2013)

*The Sinha Games

Stand-up/feature to coincide with the 2012 summer Olympics, written and performed by Paul Sinha. (Radio 4, 2012)

Quote… Unquote (Series 48)

6x30’ series of the long-running panel show about quotations, presented and devised by Nigel Rees. (Radio 4, 2012)

*The Trap

1x30’ pilot from innovative sketch troupe. Written by and starring Jeremy Limb, Paul Litchfield and Dan Mersh, with Isy Suttie and Kirsty Wark. (Radio 2, 2012)

Chain Reaction (Series 7)

6x30’ interview show where last week’s interviewee becomes this week’s interviewer. Featured Rhys Thomas, Peter Hook, John Cooper Clarke and Barry Davies. (Radio 4, 2011)

*The Sinha Test

Stand-up/feature to coincide with India’s cricket tour of England in the summer of 2011, written and performed by Paul Sinha. (Radio 4, 2011)

"This really is a splendid programme, with well-observed quips about allegiances, sport, society, families. A sociologist and a former Test cricketer offer back-up thoughts but this is a top Sinha innings." - The Daily Telegraph

Stand Up For Comic Relief

Two documentaries and a stand-up show, with BBC radio presenters learning to be stand-up comedians, an audience vote deciding who was best. (Radio 4, 2011)

Britain In A Box (Series 4)

4x30’ documentary series with Paul Jackson interviewing key figures in iconic television series. (Radio 4, 2011)

Recorded for Training Purposes (Series 3-4)

Two series of 6x30’ audience sketch show with an open-door brief: over 1500 sketches are submitted per series. Cast includes Ben Willbond, Ingrid Oliver and Lewis Macleod. (Radio 4, 2009-10)

"The standard of both material and performance is high and the production is pin sharp." - The Daily Telegraph

The Now Show (Series 26-30)

Two Christmas specials and three series of the satirical sketch show starring Punt & Dennis, Mitch Benn, Laura Shavin, Jon Holmes and Marcus Brigstocke. (Radio 4, 2008-10)

*Hamilton’s Ode-ssey

1x30’ sitcom pilot, aired as part of Radio 2’s “Sitcom Showcase” season; written by Kevin Eldon and Stewart Lee, featuring Kevin, Liza Tarbuck, Peter Serafinowicz and David Reed. (Radio 2, 2010)

The Vote Now Show

Thrice-weekly election-based comedy hosted by Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis, recorded four hours before transmission, featuring the regular Now Show team as well as Richard Stilgoe, Zeinab Badawi, Matthew Wright, Mark Watson, Jon Richardson & Isy Suttie among others. (Radio 4, 2010)

Mark Thomas: The Manifesto

6x30’ political audience stand-up show. (Radio 4, 2009-10)

*Rhod Gilbert's Leaving Llanbobl

1x30’ audience sitcom pilot, written by Rhod Gilbert and Greg Davies, and Rhod, Greg, Dai Botcher, Mike Hayward and Lloyd Langford. (Radio 2, 2008)

The News Quiz (Series 60-66)

I produced the long-running topical panel show for two years, making nearly fifty editions. (Radio 4, 2006-08)

*Self-Storage (Series 1-2)

Two series of 6x15’ non-audience sitcom written by Tom Collinson, starring Reece Shearsmith, Mark Heap and Tom Goodman-Hill. (Radio 4, 2007-08)

*Terry Saunders on Four

1x30’ audience narrative/stand-up hybrid by Terry Saunders, which also featured Jeff Rawle and Kevin McCloud. (Radio 4, 2008)

 *A Week with Adam Buxton

1x30’ audience sketch show written by and starring Adam Buxton, with Amelia Bullmore, Matt Berry and Nigel Buxton also appearing. (Radio 4, 2008)                                                                  

*Spats (Pilot, Series 1-2)

Broadcast pilot (15’ non-audience) and two series (4x15’ non-audience; 4x30’ audience) of the sketch show written by and starring John-Luke Roberts. (BBC 7, 2006-08)

"More entertaining than the whole of Live Earth ... Lovely, peculiar stuff." - The Observer

*John Finnemore, Apparently

1x30’ audience sketch show as part of Radio 4’s ‘Happy Mondays’ strand. Written by and starring John Finnemore. (Radio 4, 2008)

*Poets' Tree

4x15’ non-audience sketch show revolving around ‘Islington poet’ Paul Hamilton, played by Kevin Eldon who co-wrote the series with Stewart Lee. Peter Serafinowicz, Olivia Colman, Steve Pemberton and Tara Flynn also appear. (Radio 4, 2008)

28 Acts in 28 Minutes (Series 1-2, Edinburgh special)

Two series (both 3x30’) of this live variety show in which each act gets a minute to perform anything they like, plus an Edinburgh special. All with narration by John Humphrys. (Radio 4, 2006-08)

*Serious About Comedy (Series 1-5)

Comedy review programme, hosted by Robin Ince, that ran for five series of 12x30’. (BBC 7, 2005-07)

*Penny Spubb’s Ways to Change the World

1x30’ non-audience narrative sketch show by Anna Crilly & Katy Wix. (BBC 7, 2007)

*Living with the Enemy

6x30’ audience sitcom, written by and starring Nick Revell and Gyles Brandreth, who played fictionalised versions of themselves. Guests stars included Martin Jarvis, Tim West & Prunella Scales, Neil Pearson and Joanna Lumley. (Radio 4, 2006)

*Festival Atmosphere: Brighton '06

One-off 60’ stand-up show from the Brighton comedy festival that showcased local acts with a guest headliner. I also sold a similar show from Leicester. (BBC 7, 2006)

*The Mitch Benn Music Show (Series 1-2)

Two series (6x30’, 4x30’) of a DJ show that played comedy songs, with guests (Isy Suttie, Neil Innes, Neil Hannon) playing live in the studio. (BBC 7, 2005-06)

BBC New Comedy Awards (2004-2005)

National talent hunt that filtered into 7x60’ stand-up shows. Finals compered by Robin Ince (2004) and Dara Ó Briain. (2005) (BBC 7)

Parliamentary Questions (Series 6-8)

Three series of 6x30’ panel show, hosted by Steve Richards. (Radio 4, 2003-05)

The Unofficial Election

Nightly 15’ satire, recorded without an audience and written on the day of transmission, hosted by Nick Revell and John Oliver, and broadcast at 11.45pm in the run-up to the General Election. (Radio 4, 2005)

*Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Series 1-2)

Two series of 4x15’ audience character monologues (series one) and non-audience narrative (series two) written by and starring Simon Munnery. (Radio 4, 2003-05)

The Milk Run

I produced 2x60’ of this non-audience sketch show, with sketches mixed to music by Osymyso, broadcast at 3am as part of the oneclick strand. (Radio 1, 2005)

We've Been Here Before (Series 2)

4x30’ audience topical panel show hosted by Clive Anderson. (Radio 4, 2004)

The Best of Dead Ringers

6x30’ compilation of the previous ten series of impression-based sketches. (Radio 4, 2004)

*Spanking New on Seven (Series 1-2)

Two series of 7x60’stand-up show for new acts, hosted by Robin Ince. (BBC 7, 2003-04)

Associated London Scripts

2x30’ documentary about Galton, Simpson, Milligan et al, narrated by Terry Jones. (Radio 4, 2003)